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Filter list for player:
Player 1Strength Player 2Strength
Player 5F15000000-Player 4F14000000
Player 5F24500000-Player 3F13000000
Player 5F34000000-Player 2F12000000
Player 4F23600000-Player 3F22700000
Player 5F43500000-Player 1F11000000
Player 4F33200000-Player 2F21800000
Player 4F42800000-Player 1F2900000
Player 3F32400000-Player 2F31600000
Player 3F42100000-Player 1F3800000
Player 2F41400000-Player 1F4700000

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Description of the event "Tides of the Dead" on the Official TWD Wiki.
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